For your staff and travel coordinators while ensuring consistency, superior customer service and the very best pricing.

Our Services

Fortis Travel offer a seamless service delivery for your staff and travel coordinators while ensuring consistency, superior customer service and the very best pricing. We believe that our travel advisors will become an important part of your team.

Our services include:

  • Managing all domestic and international air bookings. Accessing and offering various itinerary options including the cheapest and most direct and flexible route (depending on your travel policy)

  • Booking all hotels and rental cars both locally and worldwide

  • Any Foreign Exchange requirements

  • Loading and updating traveller profiles

  • Receiving and responding to all bookings by your preferred communication method - phone, email or via an online booking tool

  • Visa advice and support

  • Providing and analysing monthly reports to monitor cost savings and travel trends

  • 24 hour support for travellers

  • Negotiating preferred agreements with the goal of cost savings

  • Duty of care support for your travellers

  • Consolidated invoicing

  • Monitoring the required degree of controls and compliance to your travel policy

  • Personal holiday travel


In addition, our Fortis Events team can assist with conferences, incentives, business events, group travel and school travel.

Los viajes de planificación


At Hynds Pipes we execute three sizeable client trips a year. My role is the VIP Manager, and I have been working closely with Joelle and her team at Fortis Events for the past four years. 


Having worked with multiple travel and event agencies prior to this, Fortis Events quickly set itself apart by actively engaging with our staff and customers, developing a thorough understanding of our business and becoming an essential part of our team. 


Fortis doesn’t stop their service with me as their client; they understand and do the same for the 500-plus Hynds customers that I am working to create unforgettable memories for. 


Fortis Events consistently exceeds my expectations in terms of service level and price, and delivers over and above what is asked of them to ensure our customers have the best possible experience. 


The team unfailingly leaves me with complete peace of mind that all details we discuss are understood and actioned. I have no hesitation to recommend Fortis to other companies looking for an exceptional travel partner.

Mike Mulligan -

Hynds Pipes Limited

I have always found the team at Fortis to be extremely professional in their dealings with myself, the business, and personally. 


They go out of their way to accommodate the preferences of every traveller ensuring the best and most suitable deal is always achieved. They are keen to understand not only the business needs and direction on travel, but also the individual travellers. 


Their travel support is excellent and the few times I and or some of the team have been stranded, they have sought and achieved quick solutions. 


Always keen to help and to offer innovative ideas and solutions to ensure that costs are well managed and where opportunities exist, they are proactive in bringing them to the business. Overall I have found them a pleasure to work with, they work with as partners, rather than a simple business relationship. I would highly recommend them.

Mark Goddard -

Former Hallenstein Glasson Holdings CEO

Flying Fish have been with Fortis Travel for all of our corporate and personal travel since 2012. The nature of our film production business is last minute and always changeable. When we first met with Fortis we wanted to ensure they had the infrastructure and more importantly the patience to cater for our unpredictable industry.


They have never let us down and continue to deliver in all areas.

Fortis Travel are a dynamic group of people who easily adapt to whatever our travel needs are, and wherever our travel take us. We rely on Fortis to provide our travel logistics and also those of our treasured clients when required. These also include A-list celebrities and sports stars who require and receive seamless service. Needless to say Fortis Travel are professional, friendly and supportive.


Blair, Mandy and their team constantly deliver impressive service. In the time that I have been dealing with Fortis Travel they have never let my team down. We highly recommended them and I’d welcome a call for a verbal reference at any time.

James Moore -

Managing Director

Flying Fish




We use a suite of technology to complement the service provided by our expert team



We use a suite of technology to complement the service provided by our expert team, including:


Serko - Fortis Travel’s award-winning booking system, Serko Online, has been developed specifically to provide seamless booking for airfares, accommodation and rental 

vehicles. This technologically-advanced system delivers significant savings for our clients. 


EventsAIR  - EventsAIR is an event management platform with the highest standards of security compliance and data protection. We utilise EventsAIR to coordinate all the logistics of our group travel arrangements. It includes functionality for pre-event registration, communication to attendees, management of information for suppliers, as well as a customised app for each trip to allow for communication on the ground during the delivery of group travel.

Codo saludos


The impact of Covid-19 on global travel during 2020 has highlighted the importance of booking travel with an expert.


Since February, the Fortis Travel team have been focused on managing refunds and credits on behalf of our valued clients, and we’ve been successful in obtaining more than $3 million of refunds from suppliers. 


We’ve also kept on top of the ever-changing regulations, border restrictions, isolation rules and airline inventory to help Kiwis return home, and also help Kiwis travel overseas for those who still need to travel for business or personal reasons.


As the world starts to open up again, having a dedicated professional who understands the complexities of booking travel in a Covid-19 era will be even more critical.

Who would you rather have managing your booking? A local travel expert who understands the terms and conditions of your booking and with one quick phone call can advise you of the fine print around the impact the pandemic may have, or an online website who is selling you the cheapest rate and will provide you service to match.


Think carefully before you book – especially in this new world of travel. One thing we can tell you after our experiences of the past six months – you do not want to be navigating travel arrangements on your own, no matter how simple they appear. Now more than ever you need an expert, and a local one at that.