In a welcomed turn of events for both frequent flyers and corporate travellers, AirNZ airfares have plummeted significantly as part of the AirNZ Airfare Sale which ends on 15 March. The Sale offers a welcome reprieve for our business clients and the corporate sector, providing some relief for many of our corporate clients who bare the cost of international travel as a necessary investment to ensure the continued growth of their businesses.

Statistics provided by industry analysts indicate that airfares have experienced a notable decline of up to 20% over the past quarter . This trend has been attributed to a combination of factors, including increased competition among airlines, improved operational efficiencies, and a gradual recovery of the aviation sector following the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Corporate travellers, who form a substantial portion of AirNZ passengers, stand to benefit significantly from these reduced fares. For businesses accustomed to bearing the brunt of high travel expenses, the sudden drop in airfare prices presents an opportunity to alleviate financial burdens while maintaining essential travel operations.

"We're letting all our corporate clients know about airfare reductions across their main travel routes as soon as they become available," explains Blair Huston, Fortis Travel Managing Director. "We're now seeing airfares as low as $719 one-way to San Francisco and LA plus we're encouraging many to take advantage of the low airfares for top holiday destinations for their winter vacations too." See below.

The implications of reduced airfares extend beyond mere cost savings for corporate travellers. The newfound affordability of many international flights opens doors for businesses to explore expansion opportunities, fostering greater connectivity between beachhead hubs and metropolitan centers.

While the dip in airfare prices is undoubtedly a boon for corporate travellers, industry experts caution against complacency. Fluctuations in fuel prices, regulatory changes, and unforeseen market shifts could potentially reverse this trend in the future. Nevertheless, for now, businesses can breathe a sigh of relief as they navigate a more cost-effective landscape for international business travel.

Our Senior Travel Experts are keeping all our corporate clients informed of significantly reduced airfares as soon as they are announced...

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